Piotr Mirecki Drupal Expert
Piotr Mirecki
CEO, lead developer Drupal expert

My name is Piotr Mirecki. I'm web developer and Drupal expert. I have more than 10 years professional experience in web design and web based applications architecture and development. My work always gives me a lot of satisfaction and encourages me to constantly improve my skills. Throughout my carrier I had the opportunity to cooperate with many companies and high-ranking professionals from around the world. Working with other professionals has allowed me to gain the necessary experience and knowledge, that today gives me confidence in what I do and courage to take on new challenges.

After graduating my IT studies, I decided to start my professional career in the Netherlands. From the very beginning of my adventure in programming and developing web applications I have been working with the Drupal CMS. Personally, I am huge fan of this content management system, working with Drupal gives me a lot of satisfaction and allows me to gradually create all kinds of more or less advanced web applications. Today, as an experienced Drupal developer, Drupal expert and owner of Stork Studio, I provide professional advice in creating websites and web applications. In my professional career history I had the opportunity to work on projects of varying degrees of sophistication for both global and local brands. In addition to programming knowledge and application development techniques, I'm also familiar with UNIX operating system as well as server operation and configuration.