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We are passionate about web development and we have a wide range of experience in that field. We love working with Drupal CMS, as it gives us most fun and endless development possibilities. We also create our projects in Wordpress, which is still quite popular content management system and has a wide range of fans. For the past few years we have been successively cooperating with other interactive agencies and we have been providing them with full support and advice in projects development.

Piotr Mirecki Drupal Expert
Piotr Mirecki

CEO, lead developer
Drupal expert

My name is Piotr Mirecki. I have more than 10 years professional experience in web design and web based applications architecture and development. My work always gives me a lot of satisfaction and encourages me to constantly improve my skills. Throughout my carrier I had the opportunity to cooperate with many companies and high-ranking professionals from around the world. Working with other professionals has allowed me to gain the necessary experience and knowledge, that today gives me confidence in what I do and courage to take on new challenges. read more

My name is Patryk Witwicki. I am an experienced programmer and web developer. Ever since I started my career in IT I have been fascinated by the possibilities which enable us programmers to improve the world we live in. Applications, websites and online stores make our lives easier in many ways. I derive great joy and bliss from the fact that I can create interesting technological solutions that can influence our world. My best source of motivation is self-development and constant learning approach. At present, the new technologies and tools are being invented every day. I am eager to study and implement them in my projects. read more

Patryk Witwicki Wordpress Expert
Patryk Witwicki

Web developer
Wordpress expert

What our clients say about us

David Van Ammel
Project leader in Norvell Jefferson US
We've been working with Stork Studio for years on Drupal related projects. Piotr Mirecki is a fantastic partner to work with; he is an expert developer; he's thorough, secure, has a broad knowledge of new technologies and stays up-to-date on new releases. He is always available, also if needed for quick troubleshooting. He does not mind working late or on times that suit the project. He communicates clearly, makes accurate assessments and manages to reach deadlines. We love having Piotr and Stork Studio as a partner and he is always an asset to the projects he is involved in.
Marc Burgs
CEO in ZuidWest Software
Piotr wil het probleem begrijpen en hij denkt mee om tot de juiste oplossing te komen. Zijn adviezen zijn eerlijk en goed onderbouwd. De kwaliteit van het eindproduct is uitstekend, op tijd binnen budget.