Patryk Witwicki Wordpress ekspert
Patryk Witwicki
Software engineer, web developer, Wordpress expert

My name is Patryk Witwicki, I'm experienced web developer and Wordpress expert. Ever since I started my career in IT I have been fascinated by the possibilities which enable us programmers to improve the world we live in. Applications, websites and online stores make our lives easier in many ways. I derive great joy and bliss from the fact that I can create interesting technological solutions that can influence our world. My best source of motivation is self-development and constant learning approach. At present, the new technologies and tools are being invented every day. I am eager to study and implement them in my projects. Throughout my work I gained skills which allow me to create modern and client-focused applications and solutions based on latest technology trends and standards. I have been a member of the Stork Studio team for over a year. Working here has not only helped me broaden my skills, knowledge and abilities in IT sector, but it also has allowed me to develop other skills involving teamwork, such as decision making or conflict resolution.

I have huge experience with Wordpress content management system. I'm familiar with its architecture and all kind of plugins that extends basic Wordpress functionality. Since I started my career in Stork Studio, I explore possibilities and advantages of working with Drupal content management system.